Friday, February 29, 2008

My Birthday

For my birthday last month I was taken on an advanture that started at the little dessert/deli/wine shop downtown. AMAZING!

I got a picture halfway through us devouring it. Clockwise from 11:00: snowball (I thought it looked bland and just overly sweet but OMG!!! The coconut covered this amazing whipped cream/mousse/heaven. It wasn't too sweet and it was SO light. Inside was a chocolate fudge cakey filling.) Key Lime tart. (more tart than sweet. the best way! I know a lot of people outside of Florida have never had a key lime pie before. You HAVE to try one! If you make it DO NOT squeeze your own key lime juice. Those things are as big as a walnut and it takes FOREVER) Next on the table (3:00) is a chocolate mousse cake. (Tasty, nothing special) Then we have the amazing thing. I forget what it is called but it has a brownie base topped with Kahlua mousse, macaroon layer, more mouse, and a ganache top. (i think that is it.) It is so tasty. Then we have the flourless chocolate cake. It was made with a special kind of chocolate (i forget what kind) Let me tell you, the texture made this cake. It melted in your mouth with a creamy richness and it was oh so smooth. In the middle is the lemon curd tart. This was a surprise to me. i would not have picked it but the light buttery crust filling with a thick, tart lemon curd was so refreshing! I loved it.

Kahlua amazingness


April said...

How fun! Happy belated b-day!

Gina said...

Sampling all those desserts sounds like something I would do. These all look great...what part of Florida is this place in? I live here too...