Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Daring Bakers August - Better Late Than Never!

So yeah, I'm not really good at deadlines.  I had these done mid August, I just never posted.  These were my tropical storm Faye project.  Ok, I won't post the recipe because everyone else has.  I will just post my results.


Ok, so you are probably looking for a little more info than yummmm.  
I had never made pate choux before.  I had no problems making it.  It was actually fun!  I piped the dough and put both sheets in the oven and rotated half way through.  Well, one sheet had perfectly puffed eclairs and the other sheet had half puffed and half FLAT!  It was strange.  But, they did not go to waste.  I was able to "inflate" them with the cream.

I made the chocolate pastry cream just like the recipe had it.  I thought it sounded great, so no need to make any changes.  

I had no problems making the cream.  The recipe said to cut the eclairs open and pipe in the cream.  Where's the fun in that?  I stuck a tip on my pastry bag and shoved it in an end of the eclair and filled that baby up!  Way more fun!

Then came the glaze.  I was confused about the glaze.  Make a sauce, then add x, y, z, and dip in the eclairs.  Ummmm yeah, I made a simple ganache and drizzled it on the eclairs.  Simple, delish.

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